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En la primera nota que suena, ya sientes a los armónicos. La música pura de las ondas que comunican la física y la metafísica, y acabas pensando: ¡pero si Dante tocaba el piano!

Parece mentira como una máquina tan inmensa como el piano puede sacar tanta alma que, según Agustí d'Hipona, es "lo que no pesa", la ligereza del ser que todo el mundo piensa que se inventó Kundera. Pero, claro, para sacar la metafísica de la física del piano, es necesario ser pianista, pero también hay que ser músico: Sira Hernández es ambas cosas en su doble vertiente de la ciencia pura de la composición y la ciencia aplicada de la interpretación.

Agosto 2022 · Antoni Batista, Diari de Tarragona

Pianist and composer

Sira Hernández, a Barcelona pianist and composer, made her professional debut at the age of 16 at the G. Verdi Conservatory, Turin (Italy). It was in that Italian city and at the same conservatory where she studied under the renowned pianist Remo Remoli, a disciple of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, and the conservatory’s director and eminent composer and pianist, Felice Quaranta,  


With her discographic works, she has received exceptional reviews for his recordings of composers such as D. Scarlatti, J. S. Bach, F. Chopin, I. Albéniz or M. Oltra and his recordings of the Quiet Music of F. Mompou and Padre Antonio Soler have been acclaimed by specialized music critics. His recordings and recitals are regularly heard on the main national and international radio networks.


As a composer, her activity intensifies and in 2019 she premieres the “Fantasía para piano”, this time commissioned by the Italian artist Sara Conforti for her performance at the Gli Acrobati gallery in Turin. In June 2019, she premieres “Don’t forget about that”, in memory of the Italian writer Primo Levi, to celebrate the Centenary of his birth, with the collaboration of the Centro Studi Primo Levi in Turin (Italy).

Sira Hernández obtains a great reputation with her monographic works for Naxos “Initiation to the Shadow” and for Sony Classical “Tre Impressioni, sulla Divina Commedia”.

In September 2022, the pianist and composer is awarded at the prestigious Global Music Awards for 'Tre Impressioni Sulla Divina Commedia', Sira Hernandez won three gold medals in the specialties of Contemporary Classical, Instrumentalist and Creativity/Originality and a fourth medal, silver for the Promotional Video of her work "Tre Impressioni Sulla Divina Commedia" released on Sony Classical.

Sira Hernández's Interview for Scherzo Magazine

Sira Hernández,
Dante's Piano 
Tre Impressioni Sulla Divina Commedia

Tre Impressioni Sulla Divina Commedia

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Tre Impressioni Sulla Divina Commedia

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"Un viaje a Italia"

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