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Initiation to the shadow

Composer: Sira Hernández

Pianist: Sira Hernández

Label: Naxos

01. Iniciación a la sombra
00:00 / 06:47

Compositora: Sira Hernández
Intérprete: Sira Hernández
Sello Discográfico: Naxos

"Sira Hernández is one of the most personal and brilliant pianists in the recent history of the Hispanic piano. Her independence and constant search for new keyboard perspectives have been marked by a stifling of her own creativity. A tireless pioneer of the unexplored, from performance to concert, whispering in the ear of Soler, Bach or Mompou, Sira Hernández finally gives us in this recording what has always existed her essential creativity.

Initiation to the Shadow is a manual in sound, in which Sira Hernández proposes we accompany her on a personal journey to understand the concept of birth from darkness.

No possible speculation on the dichotomy between shadow and light exists except for the definition of the latter as heir to the former.

The musical tapestry of Sira Hernámdez is seamless because it is not composed of fragments of other Works but flows with the naturalness of improvised rethinking. The enduring tradition of crystallizing what emerges under the dictate of the immediate feeds a production that poorly manages the difficult balance between what is and what has to be. We are faced with a work gelled from ideas, from proposals that are centrifuged and dried in the sun, but that emerge from the shadow."

Extract from the text written by Juan Francisco de Dios Hernández, Doctor in Music History and Sciences, for the booklet of the CD 'Initiation to the Shadow'

02. Terra Santa
00:00 / 21:20
03. Fantasía para piano Sewing Machines
00:00 / 21:53
04. Don't forget about that
00:00 / 21:58
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