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XII Sonates del Pare
Antoni Soler

XII Sonates del Pare

Antoni Soler

Composer: Antonio Soler

Pianist: Sira Hernández

Label: Solfa Recordings

02. Sonata #2, in c#, SR21Antonio Soler
00:00 / 06:33
03. Sonata #3, in Eb, SR2Antonio Soler
00:00 / 04:12
04. Sonata #4, in d, SR15Antonio Soler
00:00 / 05:11
05. Sonata #5, in D, SR84Antonio Soler
00:00 / 03:28
06. Sonata #6, in f#, SR85Antonio Soler
00:00 / 06:12
08. Sonata #8, in g, SR87Antonio Soler
00:00 / 05:19
09. Sonata #9, in Db, SR88Antonio Soler
00:00 / 05:55
10. Sonata #10, in F, SR89Antonio Soler
00:00 / 04:43
11. Sonata #11, in g, SR42Antonio Soler
00:00 / 06:22
01. Sonata #1, in d SR24Antonio Soler
00:00 / 08:53
07. Sonata #7, in D, SR86Antonio Soler
00:00 / 05:31
12. Sonata #12, in F#, SR90Antonio Soler
00:00 / 07:12

"Sira Hernández proposes a personal piano reading. Always prioritizing the search for the boundaries of freedom in the interpretation permitted by the score, on that extracts an insinuated expression wich make it almost imposible to stop listening to. It is easy to close your eyes, while the various sonatas are playing, it becomes inevitable to imagine the contrast that must have represented writing this music in the midst of the sober life as a Hieronymite monk, that Father Sole lead for about 40 years in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, and where here probably wrote almost all of the sonatas.

At this point in her extensive career as a concert pianist, Sira Hernández has chosen to make a genuinely musical, but strictly timeless reading of the music of this illustrious Olot, reaffirming in this way the character of leitemotif that the Catalan composers have had in their over 30 years of recordings, alternated with some of the greatest names in pianistic literature."

Extract from the text written by Joan Vives for the libretto of the CD 'XII Sonates del Pare Antoni Soler.'

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